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The purpose of this website to provide Parents and Educators with information on the No.1 drug problem and to support the work of N.Z. Health Professionals  who have highlighted  how binge drinking of alcohol is destroying our social structure , relationships , families , children , lives ... leading to violence , depression , sexually transmitted diseases, abortions , and suicide.


Binge drinking is when alcohol (Class B Drug) is consumed in such quantity that it has a similar effect as Class A Drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine and P, completely blocking out reality.  Binge drinking is just as deadly.  


There are many organisationals doing their best attempting to rehabilitate alcoholics and assist families affected by the actions of the 700,000 heavy drinkers (250,000 alcoholics) in New Zealand.


70% of all addmissions into New Zealand Hospital Accident & Emergency Departments after 10:00pm are the result of alcohol abuse.


Dr Albert Makary's address raises the issue of NZ women having one of the highest number of sexual partners in the world. Doctors agree that binge drinking is the cause. The abuse of alcohol results in the abuse of sex, fragile/disposable relationships, disappearance of the family as a key building block of society. The symptoms are violence, depression, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, loss of self worth and suicide.

Since 1989 there has been a proliferation of bottles stores in our suburbs and the problem of binge drinking has been exacerbated by the recent introduction of alcopop canned ready to drink. Dr Makary states "the drinks are not the same and the drunks are not the same". The number of the Licenced Premises has increased from 6200 (in 1989) to 14,722 (in 2012). Combined with aggressive marketing and longer opening hours is it any wonder N.Z. has a bingedrinking problem.

Dr Makary calls for ownership of the problem and a u-turn on discredited ideology of a casual attitude to alcohol. Everyone should just hoping our young people won't walk into a minefield, ushered in by a bad culture and peer pressure and do something.

Attention:  Parents and Educators


This youtube clip starring Barry Watson (7th Heaven) shows the problem facing young adult males.


ABC Report:  Girls Binge Drinking


The following clip illustrates the dangers of Binge Drinking that young Women face

This "whoareyou" mini-drama.(8 minutes) the message is; if you see a drunk person do something to help them.

Click this link to view mini-drama

Alcohol and Your Brain (Australian Drug Awareness)

How Alcohol Affects the Body Long Term  (BUPA, Britain)

Photos of the Effects of Alcohol  on the Human Body

Youth Documentary on Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse in Teens (With Music Video)

Alcohol is Addictive, A.A. Fails 97% of the Time

To view what Dr Albert Makary prescribes to stop the Binge Drinking Culture, click link below


 Our purpose is a call for strong legislation at the "top of the cliff". 


No parent raises a child for 18 years to have her lying in her own vomit, wee and poo on a Hospital Accident and Emergency trolley (trolleyed) with a highly trained nurse sitting with her for hours watching that she does not suffocate on her vomit.  This scene happens weekend after weekend in our hospitals throughout N.Z.    Only once a year this does not happen, Good Friday.


No parent, raises a child for 18 years to have her used by some male so that she goes in shame to her Doctor and says; "Doctor, I don't know who I slept with last night". Her mental and possibly physical health damaged for all time.


No parent wants a son to drink secretly by buying alcohol at some back street bottle store, lose friends in road accidents, behave in such a way that brings shame to his parents and himself, and to feel so unhappy and worthless that he commits suicide.


Our parents, our grandparents knew that drunk people buy excess liquor and that is why Off-Licences were closed at 7:00pm up until 1989 when Parliament changed the law. 


Prior to 1989 Drunkenness was stigmatised, to be seen drunk was not normal.  We have a seen the liquor trade targeting young people by glamorising and "sexing up" alcohol ads.  "Sugar Sweetened Cocktails in a Can" ready to drink mixes (R.T.Ds.) are simply sample packs introducing young people to hard liquor. Today,  "the drinks are not the same and the drunks are not the same".


Imagine the horror if a young woman, as featured in the whoareyou mini-drama (see later in the website), was to discovered that she was pregnant, kept the baby the full term and when the baby was born it was fetal alcohol syndrome child.  A reasonable question that must be asked is how many children in our communities with attention disorder or autistic are in fact fetal alcohol syndrome victims?


Drinking alcohol in "shot" glasses as shown in the whoareyou mini-drama (see addendum) is the way vodka is often drunk in Russia but new to our New Zealand culture.  Heavy drinking of vodka by young people, particularly young women, has come about since the introduction  of "Sugar Sweetened Cocktails in a Can" also known as alcopops or ready to drink rtds.  These products are simply sample packs that introduce young people to what our parents and grandparents called hard liquor. 

Importance of Increased Awareness by NZ Schools of the Dangers of Alcohol and link to Suicide

( From our open letter to New Zealand School Principals)


"No one had told James that alcohol was poisonous and none of the adults present treated the situation seriously when James collapsed.  Had James been rushed to hospital he might have survived.............." 


..........................David's body was found later that night below a motorway viaduct.


Dr Albert Makary, based in Timaru, would tell you "he wears many hats" as a specialist in a region with relatively low population and he sees many of the consequences caused by alcohol and the abuse of sex.  Possibly the most tragic example is when he has to deal with youth suicide and the destructive effect such a death has on the victim's families and friends.



 Encourage New Zealanders to;

TAKE ownership of the binge drinking problem

RECOGNIZE Binge Drinking as a social illness

PROMOTE  action at all levels


Culture Changes

STIGMATISE   Binge drinking .... Drunkenness is not cool

RESPECT  for people who choose not to drink alcohol

CELEBRATE  the action of those people who choose not to abuse alcohol

SOFT DRINKS must supplied alongside alcohol at functions

NO alcohol at all school functions
Suggested  Law Changes  of the  STOP THE BINGE DRINKING CULTURE  Campaign


All Off-Licences Closed at 7:00pm (as prior to 1989)
So Parents can retire knowing no more alcohol can be bought after 7:00pm.
Drunk party goers will no longer drive out late at night to buy more alcohol.

Drunk people of all ages buy more alcohol than when they are sober.

Total Ban on Sugar Sweetened "Cocktails in a Can" (Alcopop R.T.D.) Drinks
R.T.Ds. are simply sample packs that introduce young people to hard liquor which encourages "shot glass" binge drinking. Health Professionals refer to this as "grooming".


Awareness of Alcohol Harm to be included in the Current Sex Education Syllabus

Dr Makary and other NZ Doctors have established the link between alcohol and the abuse of sex.  See the DVD "Doctor, I don't know who I slept with last night". The "whoareyou" mini-drama shows a drunken young woman being taken advantage of. New Zealand and Canadian Medical Studies have linked alcohol to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and also Hyper-Active children.


Extent the QUIT-LINE Smoking Addiction Scheme to include ALCOHOL Addiction

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in New Zealand, it is highly addictive, causes similar health problems, but is mood and mind altering. Tobacco never caused a car accident, induced someone to rape and other violent acts.


Expenditure on Alcohol is Personal, not Tax Deductible
Businesses and Government Departments should not be able to spend shareholder's or taxpayer's money on alcohol.


All Liquor Bottles and Cases of Liquor to show Store of Origin Labels
If there is a fatal road accident, where was the alcohol bought?
If a young person is in possession of alcohol who supplied it.


No Alcohol is to Carried or Consumed in the Passenger Area of Vehicles
Reasons are self obvious. There was time that alcohol confiscated if it was not in the boot. Concern should be expressed about television ads that show open alcohol in cars.


Harm Warning Labels on Alcohol Bottles and Cases of Beer  
Similar to labels on cigarette packets.


Make It Illegal for a Pregnant Woman to Drink Alcohol
A Canadian Study not only linked Alcohol with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome but also children with ADHD.

No M.P. may consume alcohol whilst on duty with the Debating Chamber of the House. 
This will result in better quality debate, fewer personal attacks and healthier Members of Parliament.
It is reasonable to argue that alcohol played a part in calling the early 1981 Election.


All Forms of Alcohol Advertising should be prohibited and no Alcohol Sponsorship of Sport or Cultural Events or any association with Sportspeople.
France is often quoted as a country with a sensible attitude to alcohol.  In 1993 France stopped alcohol being advertised on TV and in cinemas and also prohibits sponsorship of sport or cultural events by alcohol banned all association of alcohol products with sport. The All Blacks should not be sponsored by a Beer Company. The recent drunken and lewd behavior by an All Black in Rarotonga brought not only Rugby's but also New Zealand's good name into disrepute.


The Purchase Age of Alcohol and access to Clubs and Hotels should be 20
Alcohol should play not part in the lives of teenagers.  



Dr Paul Quigley, Manager Wellington Accident and Emergency, states that the hundreds of critically ill, alcohol poisoned patients that present themselves at early hours of the mornings are simply the tip of a the iceberg. Many more simply try and sleep it off, some not waking up. There are 700,000 heavy drinkers in New Zealand.

TO DOWNLOAD Dr Paul Quigleys Graphs & Charts

 Dr Jane Morgan, Hamilton sexual health physician is calling for the entire community to tackle binge drinking to help control high sexual infection rates in the Waikato. More than 2800 cases of chlamydia were reported in the Waikato in 2010, which Dr Jane Morgan said was not only high by international standards, it was in excess of the national average of reported cases.

"We can no longer rely on awareness alone," Dr Morgan said.

"It has to be about New Zealand saying enough is enough and what can we do to help."

Details of an excellent eight minute mini-drama was included the Waikato Times report on Dr Jane Morgan's concerns about the current binge drinking and sexual abuse. 



Alcohol Action

like a drink

Health Promotion Agency (ALAC)

My Addiction

NZ Women's Christian Temperance Union


 NEWS item 1  The Dominion Post Saturday 24 March 2012

Alcohol Sold to Teens

Two 17- year- olds were able to buy beer in a sting where five out of 12 shops sold alcohol to minors. Police sent two 17-year-old volunteers to bottle shops and grocery stores on Wednesday (21st March 2012) to attempt to purchase alcohol. One was able to buy boxes of beer from two Wellington bottle stores without being asked for ID and the other bought alcohol from a third bottle store and two dairies by presenting his own driver licence which was correctly checked. One the outlets has been referred to the Liquor Licensing Authority and police are working with the other four.

NEWS item 2  February 13th, 2012  By: Keith Stewart   (
Native Americans Sue Breweries for Foetal Alcohol Damage
Liquor producers and marketers around the world are watching anxiously as the native American tribe, the Oglala Sioux, initiate a case against several major US brewers to recover US$500 million in compensation for costs and damage wrought by alcohol abuse, on their people at Pine Ridge reservation.

Pine Ridge has one of the most alcohol damaged populations anywhere, with 25% of children suffering foetal alcohol syndrome  from a population with the highest rate of alcoholism in North America. The average life span of Oglala Sioux is 33% less than that for all Americans and the lowest in the United States.

The lawsuit has been filed with the District Court of Nebraska, and potentially could set a precedent for claims against liquor producers on public health grounds, in much the same way as prosecutions against tobacco companies. While the case is unlikely to be concluded with a decision from this court, the US system, especially in a case with federal implications through the US Indian Reservation system, will ultimately see it in the US Supreme Court where a decision could have global ramifications.

NEWS item 3  July 12th, 2011 By: Keith Stewart  (
Substantial Evidence of Damage to Fertility
Scientists in the United Kingdom have finally provided evidence of a molecular mechanism that damages DNA in unborn children. This explains why binge drinking is implicated in the increased incidence of infertility and in the reduced effectiveness of IVF treatment. It will provide strong support for action on foetal alcohol syndrome.

The research team at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, headed by Ketan Patel, say they can show how binge drinking causes a buildup of toxins in the human body, which in turn cause irreversible damage to DNA. As well as providing a clinical explanation for foetal alcohol syndrome, and infertility in humans of child bearing age who are otherwise healthy, it may also be the key to more health issues suggested by epidemiological evidence.
"This explains why alcohol is toxic to cells and we really needed that explanation," Dr Patel says. "It almost certainly explains why cancer is linked with excessive alcohol consumption, because you cannot get cancer without altering key genes and with alcohol you are essentially drinking a mutagen," Patel said.

The research has been published in the influential scientific journal Nature and shows how cells are usually protected from the damaging effects of toxins present in ethyl alcohol, the common constituent in all alcoholic beverages. This protection is one of the functions of the FANCD2 gene, also known as Fanconi proteins, but is attacked by acetaldehyde, another constituent of ethyl alcohol.

"Our work suggests that binge drinking could generate enough acetaldehyde to overwhelm the body's two natural defence mechanisms. This new knowledge transforms our view of precisely how excess alcohol causes damage � ultimately changing our DNA," Dr Patel says.


Q & A question from Alcohol Action.

Up to how many New Zealand children are born each year with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)?


Answer:     Up to 3000.    Previously it was thought to be at least 600, but recent New Zealand data shows there are probably more - up to 3000 NZ children born with FASD each year. NB: The lifetime costs of one child suffering fetal alcohol syndrome in the US has been estimated at $750,000 (Quoted by Easton 2003).


NEWS item 4     TV3 Sun, 11 Dec  ....   BY BROOK SABIN)

Details of Alcohol Survey Released  (Now available on Version 5.0 of stopthebingedrinkingculture kit, see details below)


 The research, the most comprehensive ever conducted of New Zealanders' attitudes towards alcohol and liquor laws.  


The results of the survey showed:

82 percent support or strongly support increased restrictions on alcohol advertising.

56 percent felt the same about raising the price of cheap alcohol.

78 percent wanted the purchase age raised to 20.

The survey began last year when the Ministry of Health asked the government-owned Health Sponsorship Council to include - as part of a major study surveying 1700 New Zealanders - a range of questions about alcohol.



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